About Us


With over 80 years of history, Fern Rock Hardware & Plumbing (FRHP) is one of Philadelphia’s most trusted retail and wholesale outlets for Hardware and Plumbing Supplies.

Located at 5957 N 5th St Philadelphia, People from all over the North East choose FRHP for Many Hardware and Plumbing Supplies, FRHP is highly regarded as a company that always has the right product for you. We are well known for our large collection of Stems (Plumbing) and Products that are designed for anyone in need.

Our extensive history in the industry enables us to be very valuable in terms of being a supplier and a retail outlet, we provide many services for everyday people in need of them,

Our Online Store has a diverse amount of products that are well suited to meet any of your needs whether if it’s a large project or small repair.
We supply to Contractors/Builders and Provide a wide range of Services for those In Need. We are open and we cannot wait for you to get in touch with us!